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Starting with a big Dream


While watching an episode of Masterchef Junior, Zac decided that he was going to be on the TV show and quickly told his family about it. There was one thing that he overlooked, was that he had never cooked anything.


Never to stop him from pursuing his dreams, Zac decided to learn everything that he could from reading cookbooks to scouring the internet, to enrolling himself to an online cooking school. He practiced perfecting his knife skills, and learning as much as he could and finally convinced his parents to take him to the casting call.

The next thing you know is that he is in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot is praising him in the Toronto Sun, “There’s one kid (Zac Kara, age 12) who plays amazing tennis. He was in the top 10 in his age group in the country. So after watching MasterChef Junior, he decides he loves cooking, and starts approaching it with the same dedication and passion he put toward tennis.

Starting With a Big Dream

Live Cooking Show streaming on Youtube, Younow, Periscope

Zac's passion for food was born and he wanted to share his recipes, food and techniques. Cooking with Zac, a Live Streaming show started when fans asked him to show how he cooked. 

Zac not only cooked live, answered questions but did memorable challenges on his streams. At the end, 19 episodes of Cooking with Zac were streamed and are online on his Youtube channel.

However, more importantly Zac now had gained valuable experience in dealing with people, cooking live and cooking in front of cameras.

This coupled with a drive, an undefeatable spirit, hard work, boundless creatand his passion and for cooking

Live Cooking Shows


Between juggling cooking, creating new recipes, filming new videos for his YouTube channel, Social Media, Tennis and Homework, Zac loves to play video games, watch anything with a Superhero/heroine, and reading.

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